Technology Platform

Navitor’s drug discovery and development platform enables us to translate the emerging biology of mTORC1 activation into small molecules that that selectively modulate mTORC1 activity

The foundation of Navitor’s technology platform is the emerging research of its scientific founder, David M. Sabatini, MD, PhD, including an exclusive license to fundamental intellectual property from his laboratory related to the nutrient-mediated activation of the mTORC1 pathway for use in pharmaceutical and other applications.

We translate these biological findings using a platform that integrates:

  • Deep and proprietary knowledge into nutrient signaling proteins, including their structure and mechanism of action in mTORC1 signaling pathways
  • Proprietary tools, assays and chemical probes to study mTORC1 biology; and
  • Robust expert insight that correlates dysfunctional mTORC1 signaling and human disease

By targeting nutrient sensors, lysosomal docking sites and novel chemical strategies focused on selective inhibition of the mTORC1 versus mTORC2 complexes, our small molecule drugs are designed to go beyond the existing therapeutic approaches that completely inhibit the mTOR pathway and lack specificity for mTORC1. Moreover, our platform enables us to design molecules that variably modulate mTORC1 activity resulting in compounds that can either selectively attenuate or stimulate the activity of mTORC1 in a tissue specific/selective manner depending on the particular therapeutic opportunity.


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