Additional Therapeutic Applications

Navitor’s discovery efforts leverage the potential to selectively modulate mTORC1 activity to address a broad range of age-related diseases, as well as genetic and rare diseases that are caused by dysfunctional mTOR activity.

Our proprietary NAValogs have the potential to ‘turn down’ over-activation of the mTORC1 pathway in chronic diseases, such as Chronic Kidney Disease, Type 2 diabetes and obesity. They may also have application in progressive diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and other neurodegenerative diseases that involve abnormal protein folding, possibly due to excessive and unrestrained protein synthesis.

Our sensor programs have the ability to ‘turn up’ reduced or suppressed activation of the mTORC1 pathway, normalizing its activity and delivering potential benefits in neurological diseases related to cognition and memory.

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