About Navitor Pharmaceuticals

Navitor is discovering innovative new drugs that target specific nutrient sensing proteins that selectively regulate mTORC1 activity to treat disease.

We are a biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing novel medicines that selectively modulate the activity of mTORC1, a master regulator of cell growth and metabolism. Our approach unlocks the therapeutic potential of the mTOR pathway by targeting the amino acid and other nutrient sensors that selectively regulate the activity of mTORC1 and restore natural balance to the cell’s response to nutrients.

The foundation of the company’s drug discovery platform is the leading-edge insights of its scientific founder, David M. Sabatini, MD, PhD, whose discovery of mTOR and elucidation of the signaling network regulating its activity has revolutionized the field of cellular nutrient sensing. Starting from these insights, we integrate proprietary tools and assays to interrogate mTORC1 biology with expert knowledge linking dysregulation of mTORC1 activity to disease to develop novel therapeutic approaches to selectively modulate this critical, validated pathway.

Our small molecule drug candidates go well beyond existing non-specific therapeutic approaches enabling highly specific activation and inhibition of mTORC1 activity to address a broad range of diseases with high unmet medical need caused by aberrant mTORC1 activity. Our lead drug program, NV-5138, targets Sestrin2, a newly discovered amino acid sensor, and is designed to directly activate mTORC1 activity in neurons to promote synaptogenesis and normalize mood. It is being developed as a rapid-acting anti-depressant to address treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Our pipeline also includes programs that target other nutrient sensors to restore appropriate mTORC1 activity in multiple settings including neurological and fibrotic disorders, immunometabolism and select rare diseases.

The company is led by an experienced management team and world-class scientific and clinical advisors and is backed by leading financial and corporate investors.

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