About Navitor Pharmaceuticals
Realizing the Potential of Modulating the Master Regulator of Cellular Function to Develop Therapeutics that Help People Live Longer and Healthier Lives
Dominant Competitive Position in mTORC1 Biology
  • Exclusive relationship with David Sabatini, the discoverer of mTOR
  • Proprietary knowledge of mTORC1 activation biology
Rich Biology Platform for Drug Discovery
  • Robust product engine to generate selective mTORC1 inhibitors and activators
  • Broad therapeutic applications including CNS, immuno-metabolism, fibrosis and multiple rare diseases
Lead Candidate in Human Clinical Trials for Depression
  • First-in-class, oral small molecule mTORC1 activator targeting the leucine nutrient sensor
  • Rapid and sustained pre-clinical efficacy comparable to ketamine
  • Favorable pre-clinical safety/toxicology profile
  • Phase 1a safety study initiated in June 2018;¬†clinical proof of efficacy in Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) in H1-2019
Experienced Team, Top Tier Investors
  • Management team with strong drug discovery and development track record
  • Broad science, drug discovery and clinical development expertise
  • Strong backing from leading VCs
Strong IP and Financial Position
  • Exclusive license to foundational IP
  • Composition claims to novel, mTORC1 modulator compounds
  • Financial runway through proof of efficacy
  • Multiple partnership opportunities
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