Navitor, the leading mTORC1 platform company, is developing targeted therapeutics designed to help patients increase their healthy years for uninterrupted quality of life. The company was founded by one of the most respected leaders in the fields of biochemistry and molecular biology, Dr. David M. Sabatini, the discoverer of the mTOR nutrient sensing pathway and mTORC1. Navitor’s proprietary Navalog platform enables specific modulation of mTORC1, the gatekeeper of cellular metabolism and renewal, to address the disease processes that underlie a wide range of diseases, including prevalent conditions like depression, heart failure, chronic kidney disease and less common genetic disorders like polycystic kidney disease or rare forms of epilepsy. Navitor has partnered with Supernus to develop its sestrin ligand and mTORC1 activator, NV-5138, for depression.